Apatris International Relations Working Group presentation in English

From the capitalist metropolises of the West to the fighting in the mountains in the East, direct correspondences from struggles, riots and revolts are now commonplace. Informative texts by comrades from abroad who present the real facts, translations of interviews and valuable analyses from and to APATRIS, as well as other products of unmediated information and communication, gain tremendous value in this era of globalized information.

APATRIS has already constructed a network of alliances -both in Greece and abroad-which can be a good foundation for further steps. This existing network is the basis on which the “International Relations Working Group” of APATRIS newspaper has been established. The IRWG is an integral part of APATRIS and it operates as a working group within the general structure. Its role is to become the contact link with comrades and groups outside Greece and to enrich the Greek counterinformation field with information and analyses from all over the world. Alongside the printed material of the newspaper we wish to reproduce texts, analyses, brochures, interviews and more, both in Greek and in other languages (English, French, Arabic, etc.) on our website, http://apatris.info.

Finally, along with every new APATRIS issue, we intend to publish a newsletter in English that will include the main content of our newspaper, as a contact point with the Greek issues for the non-Greek speaking people (apparently, almost everyone in the world!). All this generates the need to create an organized, direct and efficient translation network for a timely and accurate dissemination of news, inside and outside Greek borders. For this reason, we need more hands so that we can be as efficient as the times require. We therefore call for comrades to support APATRIS through their participation in local editorial teams and/or as external partners. The external partners do not have a binding or permanent relationship with the newspaper or a substructure of it, such as the structure of the international team, but a functional one on a level of contribution to specific projects whether those concern, for example, the translation of a text or helping to organize an interview etc.

Contact: apatris@espiv.net